Our Story

In the Summer of 2021, our founder, Maleeka Hollaway, an award-winning serial entrepreneur, had an encounter with God that changed the trajectory of her life and business. After wrestling with God about the call on her life and willingly submitting to His will, Maleeka made the decision to say "yes!" to living for God and to using her platform to draw the masses to the cross.

Saying "yes" to God for Maleeka, meant saying "no" to doing business as usual. She was led to do a complete 180 degree turn away from her multi-six-figure, wildly successful PR agency, event and retreat brand, to step into a new frontier - one where God could have His way through her life and business platform.

The name for this movement of ministry, SAVEDpreneur™ was finally released to her on February 23, 2023 and on March 1, 2023, Maleeka opened the virtual doors of the SAVEDpreneur™ Community on Facebook. The community grew from 0 to 180 members in under a month. A couple weeks later, this online home for SAVEDpreneur™ the brand was revealed alongside a partnership with Sanctuary Girl™, a Christian wholesale company.

Not only is SAVEDpreneur™ an online lifestyle boutique and brand for entrepreneurs who are saved and who desire to wear their faith, it is a movement ministry, inspired by the finished work of the cross and the ministry of Jesus Christ.